A Special Day for the Jacobsons

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Derek and Kirsten Jacobson had a very special day on the 27th of November at the Ogden temple.  I was so happy to be there to take pictures of them and their family.  I will honestly always remember the experience because it was both the coldest and the windiest day I have had a photo shoot yet, but they will always remember it because it was the day they were sealed in temple forever.  Congratulations to a beautiful couple, you deserve the best!


Weaver Family Thanksgiving

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Wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving with the Weavers without family pictures, so this year was no exception. Despite the cold, and many more tiny people to coral, we still accomplished some great shots before our need for the feast kicked in.   I love these beautiful people.  I am so grateful they are all in my life forever!

Gary and Bonnie Weaver

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I had the honor of photographing my parents the other day.  My mother just got a new blazer and wanted a nice picture for her Christmas card, so I found her a bit of foliage that hadn’t blown away yet in her front yard, and we took a few poses.  I think they turned out beautiful!

Tiny Man Turns Two

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  So last week my little man turned two!!  I don’t know how he did it, but he did!  I wanted to take some pictures of him, and get an updated family portrait as well, so I drug my family out to take our own pictures yet again. It seemed to be a lot more difficult them previous attempts.  Tiny kept running away at the beginning of the shoot.  Towards the end, when he was tired of running, and very cold, he finally sat down.  Pretty cute picture I think:)


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Nate and Delaney Nalder Family

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Yesterday we decided to take the Nalder’s pictures before the leaves were all gone.  They got all the kids out of school a few minutes early so we’d have enough light and off to the farm we went.  I think they turned out great!  Thanks Delaney for letting me spend a little time with your family!!

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Amanda and her beautiful children!

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This weekend I was able to spend some time with Amanda Vickers and her beautiful kids in a beautiful spot!!  We had fun with our session and finished seconds before the winds kicked up and about blew us away!  Thanks Amanda for letting me take them, I think they are quite lovely!

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Newbold Winners!

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Last night I was finally able to photograph the winners of my photoshoot giveaway!  I had such a nice time getting to know and running around with this beautiful family.  Thanks for entering Newbolds!  Hope we can do it again real soon!!

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