Month: May 2015

Scott and Carrie Petersen family

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So after waiting out the rain on Saturday I was able to take Carrie Gooss Petersen​’s families portraits.  We had a lot of fun playing with puppets, flowers, and running up and down the paths.  You know, the normal stuff you do at a photography session.;)   Did they turn out beautiful!!

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The Boam Clan

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In the end of November I had a little challenge presented to me by my good friend Julie Boam. Her family was having a double baptism and wanted pictures after the service of the whole clan. It ended up being in a very dark area, late in the day, with a lot of motion in the picture that I needed to freeze. It all worked out!! I think they turn out great!

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Robert and Stephanie Dasek Family

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My mother-in-law lives in the Czech Republic and when she sends gifts my boys will often receive matching shirts. So in February after a long Saturday at the boat show I decided it was time for some more family pictures. I also was tired of the background in our last one I took back in January and was ready for a change. Once again I was throwing clothes out of closets (this time just for Robert and I) trying to coordinate with our boys. I felt that this set of pictures had beautiful light. (And you have to admit, I have adorable children!)

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Heather and Matt Johnson Family

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In November I went with the Heather Johnson’s family back to the farm in East Layton! These are the sweetest girls ever!! If I had twins I’d want them to be just like them! (Just grateful I never had twins;))

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Mecham Family

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In October I went out and took portraits with the Mecham family. We were able to to enjoy 2 different locations on two different days and had a lot of fun. I love this family! Some of these photos have so much personality! Enjoy!

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Brixanne and George

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Last August my family had a big reunion and my cousin Brixanne wanted pictures taken of her son George. Now remember it was a big… long reunion, and these were taken after… so he was pretty much done for the day. However, we got some fabulous shots!

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Aiden and Bryce Thorne

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My really good friend Trina Thorne has really beautiful children and in July last year we went and had a great time taking portraits of her boys Aiden and Bryce. Obviously they are fans of a particular sport, I bet you can’t tell what it is;)

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