Month: May 2015

Baby August Mecham

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August 9th I had fun taking the first portraits of little baby Auggie Mecham. He’s soooo big now. I’m glad we were able to capture him then. Dee Mecham, it’s time to take them again!!



Billie Wakefield

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In 2014 I was receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis and Billie worked for the chiropractor.  In August I took she and her fiance’s engagement photos. Armed with tips from Roberto Valenzuela, I shot my very first engagement photos behind a bank of all places. I will shoot there again. It was beautiful!



Peter and Lacey Boam

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Lacey Boam’s family was probably next. I was a little nervous because we kept having to move up the time.  So we weren’t able to shoot at the “golden hour” for shooting, but it didn’t matter! We loved them!! The picture of her daughter Brynlee is one of my very favorites I have taken!


My Dasek Family

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   Next up is my family! It was in July last year, and I had just watched a creative live video I believe of Michele Celentano photographing families, and was excited to tryout new techniques I had learned.  At 8:00 at night when my boys should have been going to bed I ran and got shirts we had that were all the same color, and declared that we were going to take pictures!  I’m sure you can imagine their excitement!

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My First Photography Post: The Huff Family

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I am starting a photography blog! I just went to a fabulous workshop with fabulous portrait artist Michele Celentano, so I am so excited to get going and shooting beautiful portraits! I’m going to go back in time over the next couple of days and post some of my favorite portraits from last year so I can remember these great families and so you can see my work!  Are you ready for some fun memories!!:) I am!:)

I’m starting with going back in time to the Kamilyn Thiel Huff family. These pictures were taken last July 9th, and they were the 4th family I’d ever taken. These little girls were so funny!! We went to a farm up in east Layton, and every time we turned around there was another beautiful place for a portrait, enjoy.

Matt and Kami Huff family

DSC_0167 DSC_0182bDSC_0106

DSC_0222 DSC_0030

Hello world!

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