Month: June 2015

Bryant and Jenn Hettinger

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I was able to take a good friend’s pictures yesterday who I hadn’t seen since our older kids were babies!  Such a fun time yesterday with the Hettinger clan!!

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Trina and Ken Thorne’s family

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I took my good friend, Trina Thorne’s pictures Monday night.  I love this family!!  I also love these pictures!!  I think they turned out so cute!  (Even though sometimes they had to kneel on pokey things:) Enjoy:)


Billie and Chris Beaslin

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It was a beautiful, sunny day for my first wedding!  I first took Billie and Chris’ portraits last August, and it was great to be able to see them through to the wedding day.  Thanks for letting be part of your day!  Good Luck to you both!

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Gary and the Backdrop

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Decided to by a couple pieces of material for shoots in my home today and I wasn’t sure about this one except it was a dollar a yard.  Gary was a willing model so we tried it out.  Granted this little blonde boy should probably be infront of a dark background, it’s hard not to make it look good!  It’s a keeper:)


Deven Eckersell

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So yesterday after we finished her voice lesson, a good friend of mine asked me to take a few portraits of her son who was about to graduate, but she only had 45 min to do it in. As I was shoving kids and equipment in the car, my 7 year old came screaming down the sidewalk with a gash on his knee and an even bigger one on his elbow. After cleaning him up and getting to Jensen park, here is Deven and the 10 min. shoot. (Also my first attempt at senior portraits:) Pretty handsome dude!

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