Month: September 2015

Neon Ninjas

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Last Saturday I got to take Gary’s team pictures.  The coaches were out hunting, but it was one of the last days to get pictures with all of the players in them so the team pictures were taken.  (Funny thing was that the player the pictures were taken for didn’t end up being able to make it to the shoot after all, kinda sad.)  They are pretty cute kids, and awesome soccer players!!

b-1  a-3  a-4

a-5  a-7


Welcome to the World Sterling!

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Sterling William Gaetz was born September 3rd.  He was well baked and beautiful!  Thanks Christy and Jared for letting me take his pictures!!

 a-15 d-2

    a-2 b-2

   d-15 a-1

a-9 c-1 g-1

Babysitting Brunson’s and the Boys

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So this afternoon I was able to babysit my friends adorable little girls.  So of course, I did what I do lately, and took pictures.  Obviously these are candids, but oh my, they are to die for!!

a-27  c-1  a-19

b-1  d-1

a-15  a-12

a-10 a-14

Beautiful Christy Gaetz

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Last night I went with my good friends Christy and Jared Gaetz to take a “belly shot”.  I think we did a lot better then that!!  She looks Gorgeous!  And four days overdue!!  Thanks to me she did have to go to the hospital right after… but then she was sent home.  Hang on Christy:)

c-1 a-15 a-14

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