Month: October 2015

Newbold Winners!

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Last night I was finally able to photograph the winners of my photoshoot giveaway!  I had such a nice time getting to know and running around with this beautiful family.  Thanks for entering Newbolds!  Hope we can do it again real soon!!

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Cameron and the Kids

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 Last night I was able to go out with my friends Brittany and Micah Bowler to take some pictures with adorable Cameron.  He will soon be 2!  It’s a little crazy, because that means my son Alex will be soon too!!

To tell you the truth, we did a lot of running… and a lot of corralling… and a lot of laughing!!  It was hilarious, and a lot of fun.  Happy Birthday Cameron!!

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Layton Elem Fun Run

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Last Thurs. I went to see may boys run at the Layton Elementary Fun Run.  Because I was there I decided to take pictures… and I took a lot.  I soon narrowed my 1000+ photos down to 845… but I really had a hard time narrowing from there!:)  These kids are so darling, and I know a lot of them so it’s make it even more fun to have the pictures!   I have quite a few of The Principal Mrs. Larsen, because I think she ran the entire time which was about 3 1/2 hours.    Enjoy!!

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