Neon Ninjas

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Last Saturday I got to take Gary’s team pictures.  The coaches were out hunting, but it was one of the last days to get pictures with all of the players in them so the team pictures were taken.  (Funny thing was that the player the pictures were taken for didn’t end up being able to make it to the shoot after all, kinda sad.)  They are pretty cute kids, and awesome soccer players!!

b-1  a-3  a-4

a-5  a-7


The Neon Ninjas!

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My son Garrison has started soccer!!  It was a bit scary because that morning he did not want to even put on his uniform, but he loved playing.  His coach is great, and he loved his team.  So I have decided to create a new SPORTS category on my blog and follow my boys, and their teams.  Here is the first installment!